Pinz 90% Tungsten

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Pinz 90% Tungsten


Special Products Division: Objective – To design and produce the world's most precise throwing instruments. The ultimate combination of design and craftsmanship. Please note that this set comes complete with 9 special 3mm thread shafts each 40mm length, weighing 1.5g of aerospace alloy. They are custom made and factory balanced to fit Pinz barrels. The Pinz flights are 100 micron, weighing 0.7g. Each set is supplied with a soft feel Smart wallet and includes: 3 barrels, 9 shafts, 9 flights, and point guard.


  • Production tolerance: Match weighted to 0.1 gram (complete dart weight)
  • Player level: Advanced Professional
  • Ultra slim 90% tungsten steel tip darts
  • Ultra low profile – close grouping
  • Low drag co-efficient-true flight
  • Integrated design-perfect balance
  • PZ1 = 45mm barrel length, 4.5mm diameter, 13.5g, Cross helix laser grip points
  • PZ2 = 45mm barrel length, 5.8mm diameter, 18g, Cross helix laser grip points
  • PZ3 = 50mm barrel length, 6mm diameter, 21g, Cross helix laser grip points.


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Weight & Style:PZ1-13.5g, PZ2-18g, PZ3-21.0g, PZ3-21.0g


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