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Model Outside
Playing surface Slate Approximative ship weight
57-LY06PBK 45" X 77" 32" X 64" 35 1/2"x 67 1/2" (3/4") 620 lbs
57-LY07PBK 53" X 93" 40" X 80" 43" x 83" (13/16") 710 lbs
57-LY08PBK 57 1/2" X 100 1/2" 44" X 88" 47 1/2" x 91 1/2" (15/16") 820 lbs
All Great American Legacy components are machined on a state of the art numerical control machine specially designed to build this table.
Solid popular cabinet grade 3/4" plywood construction on sides and bottom..
Unitized composite trouble free and fast ball return assembly.
Dome shake-proof washers on rail bolts, corners and slate.
Reliable anti-cheat dump bar system eliminates free play and service calls.
Modular coin box housing designed for simple service.
Hinged and locked hatch under table for leg storage and cleanout.
Superior selection poplar wood top frame and rails for best cushion play action.
Dual steel center slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface..
Premium lexan ball viewer with retaining screws and frame reduces chance of breakage.
Vertical 5 coin mechanism adjust in moments on location complimented with a deep large cash box for generous earnings.
Rails and slate are covered with a 21 oz. unbacked cloth which promotes faster play and longer time before first recovery.
Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and less down time.
Each table operates with magnetic 2 1/4" or 2 3/8" cue ball with 15th cue ball lock-up, accented by our reliable cue ball separator.
Each table is crafted with the finest imported one piece slate.
Cloth and laminate selections available on request.
Factory play @ $1.
4 Solid cues sticks
15 2 1/4" Belgium balls 
1 Triangle rack
1 Box of chalk
1 Brush
1 Magnetic ball 2 1/4’’



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