Harrows 90% I.C.E. Darts

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Harrows 90% I.C.E. Darts


New research into the properties of tungsten, combined with state of the art manufacturing processes, has resulted in the world's most advanced darts. The purest 90% tungsten powder is fused with nickel, iron and zinc, using an Isostatic Cold Extrusion process (I.C.E.), to create a dart of unrivalled concentricity and uniform high density.


  • Three barrel styles featuring reverse cut grooves for extra thrust and ultimate repeatable control
  • Change the gram weight in drop box to view different barrel design


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Weight & Style: 21g-Reverse Ring, 22g-Reverse Ring, 23g-Reverse Ring, 24g-Reverse Ring, 25g-Reverse Ring, 21g-Knurled, 22g-Knurled, 23g-Knurled, 24g-Knurled, 25g-Knurled, 26g-Knurled


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