Black Crown II

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The finest and most popular commercial table. The "Black Crown II" is selected and renowned as the best table in most major tournaments. Built with precision on a state of the art numerical control machine, the "Black Crown II" is a must when looking for maximum durability, solidity and appearance. The "Black Crown II" is the first choice of billiard clubs and recreation centers.

The "Black Crown II" has the best commercial frame in the industry. Burn, stain, and scratch resistant, laminated covered hardwood rails, widely supported on the slate, are enhanced with protective antique copper finish anodized aluminum mouldings. Antique copper zinc leg levelers ensure the most precise level and all-time rigidity. Comes with a "Simonis #860" long wear cloth on a premium quality framed slate. It's the winning combination ! 
Available in pool or snooker

Available Legs Playing surface Type Slate Approximative ship weight
lbs – kg
3 1/2 ' X 7' 4 38" X 76 " pool / snooker 1" framed 648 – 294
4' X 8' 4 44" X 88 " pool / snooker 1" framed 795 – 361
4 1/2' X 9' 4 50" X 100" pool / snooker 1" framed 997 – 453
All Black Crown II components are machined on a state of the art numerical control machine specially designed to build this table.
Black Crown II

1- Base frame : 
The frame is constructed of premium quality plywood, laminated to a thickness of 2 1/4" thickness to ensure maximum strength and rigidity. The "Black Crown II" is built with the best frame of commercial tables within the billiard industry!

2- Slate : 
Premium slate. 1" thick, in three pieces, for sizes 7'-8' -9'-10'. 1 1/2 inch doweled unframed slate, in five pieces, for size 12'. The slate extends underneath the rails for consistent play and is precision-machined level to within 10/1000 of an inch.

3- Cloth :
"Simonis #860"- a virgin worsted wool cloth, extremely resistant to wear and tear, ensures a uniform speed, easy to maintain and clean. To play your best game…

4- Leg stabilizer : 
Sturdy legs with stretcher in between.

5- Leg levelers :
Zinc leg levelers, 8" diameter, affixed to legs with a 3/4" rod into a threaded bushing and fitted to a hardwood structure to maintain and ensure a precise level.

6- Aprons :
Burn, stain, and scratch resistant for a longer service life.

7- Trims :
Anodized aluminum corner, rail trim and "J" moulding apron  prevent damage and add a touch of class.

8- Rails :
Laminated covered hardwood rails. Burn, stain, and scratch resistant. Rails are widely supported by and bolted through the slate with threaded rods, mushroom lock washers and nuts. Wide adjustable flat nut plates allow rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate, so as to provide a truer rebound.

9- Cushions :
Professional "Masterspeed" rubber cushions provide truer rebound and maximum accuracy.

10- Corners and side castings :
Corner and side castings, manufactured of zinc, are secured to the rails. This will permit the rails to be quickly and easily adjusted. Pocket openings conform to BCA specifications.

11- Sockets :
Heavy duty ultra resistant rubber pockets are embedded and screwed into the side and corner castings.

12- Sights :
Inlaid pearl sights have a maximum tolerance of 10/1000 of an inch for a consistent play.

13- Score counter (optional) :
Two built-in, professional-style score counters upon request.

14- Racks :
Two aluminum bridge racks and a single triangle rack.


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Weight 2100 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 8 cm


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